Samba & Pagode Band in Los Angeles

Composed by musicians from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Brasilidade is one of the most successful Brazilian Samba and Pagode bands in Los Angeles, California. Since 2001, Brasilidade has been bringing happiness to all Samba and Pagode lovers in Los Angeles, California.


Early Times

Over the years, several great musicians from Rio de Janeiro with experience in samba and pagode (Rio’s popular music style) started to come to Los Angeles, California. As the time passed, they realized that Los Angeles was housing many musicians with their backgrounds deeply involved with real samba and pagode and they also realized that, at that time, California didn’t have any organized group to perform this kind of music.

Then, they put together some shows and quickly became known as the “Best Brazilian Performance in California.” They also had some great names that performed many shows with them like Mario Sergio (Ex-Fundo de Quintal), Mitchell Long, Kleber Jorge, Katia Moraes, and others.

This is what came to be known as Brasilidade Samba and Pagode Show – playing the best of samba and pagode rhythms, the original Pagode sound developed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As of today, the Brasilidade’s current line up is: